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10 Best Cryptocurrency Trading Apps in 2023

Author: Benson Toti Updated: January 28, 2022

What are the best cryptocurrency trading apps in 2023? If you started getting interested in cryptocurrency trading, you might be wondering if it is convenient to rely on a smartphone app to manage your money and trading. The answer to this question is yes, and we went in-depth into the subject to discover the most dedicated apps available. Choosing the right broker is critical to have a fruitful trading journey, so we will also focus on how they work, why you should trust them and how to find the best choice for you.

Our Top Picks of The Best Cryptocurrency Trading Apps

Let us go through some of the most reliable and compelling options you may be interested in. We analyzed a wide variety of choices to deliver you the best cryptocurrency trading apps, basing our research on parameters like regulations, safety, user-friendliness, available tools and commissions. Here you have the top alternatives on the market.

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What Is the Purpose of a Cryptocurrency Trading App?

 A cryptocurrency trading app is a platform where users can offer and buy different cryptocurrencies, or exchange them with regular fiat currencies. The law of supply and demand regulates the whole process, meaning that prices are determined by how much buyers are willing to pay at each transaction and how much sellers want to gain from the trade. 

These tools are the easiest way to access cryptocurrency trade, considering that they allow you to interact on many different markets from the palm of your hand. They are an excellent solution for beginners because of their intuitive interface and do not need a lot of experience to reach satisfying results. On the other hand, expert traders are also enthusiastic about cryptocurrency trade apps, considering that they are the best way to stay updated on prices and allow instant selling or buying. This feature is particularly useful in a market with such high volatility.

Let’s go through the basics of these great tools. The first step after downloading your app is registration. You will have to insert data like your email, full name, phone number and verify your ID. These kinds of apps usually require you to set two-factor authentication for your safety. 

Just after registration, you will be asked to connect your bank account or credit card, from which you will be able to access the funds to exchange with cryptocurrencies. To verify your payment methods the app will ask you to transfer a small amount to your app account or it will subtract it from your payment method and then ask you to digitize the quantity charged in a box. The verification process can take up to 1 day during the week or even more if you register near the weekend. This timing is due to the standard processing time of bank transactions.

From there on, you will be able to deposit money freely on your Cryptocurrency app. The timing of reception depends on the payment method you choose. Credit card transfers are usually quicker than bank account payments. Some apps have a minimum requirement of funds to be transferred to allow you to use their services. This practice helps prevent misuse of the platform from inexpert users and onlookers.

When it comes to buying and selling, you will typically find a section of the app entirely dedicated to it or an easy access menu that lists the different options. From there, you only need to type the amount you wish to exchange and select the currency of your choice. A small fee may be applied to both orders, depending on the app you are using.

For withdrawals, you will be allowed to transfer your money through the same methods you loaded them. Some Bitcoin trading apps are starting to include new options on this concern; PayPal is an example. The app can require a minimum of funds available to allow the withdrawal. As you can imagine, a small fee may be applied to this operation as well.

How To Find The Best Cryptocurrency Trading App


App Design and Usability

The first real consideration for choosing a cryptocurrency trading app is whether you are comfortable with the design and usability of the software. When choosing your app you should also evaluate the various fees and commissions each service provider applies. This may as well depend on how much you are planning to invest in cryptocurrency trading, as some apps tend to facilitate higher transactions and penalize smaller ones. Another discriminant you could find useful to choose your trading app is if they work with CFD (Contracts-For-Differences).


Make Sure Your Crypto Funds Are Safe

Ensuring that your funds are safe is of paramount importance. You should check that the application you intend to use has end-to-end security integrated into the software. It is also good to add further layers of security to your account, such as 2FA, and anti-phishing. These are common offerings among trading applications these days, so be suspicious of any that are not providing these protections. You should consider these characteristics carefully when choosing between the best cryptocurrency trading apps. The tools you use in trading are only adequate if they successfully protect your investment.


Trading Conditions and Tools

One of the main features a provider may offer is an integrated virtual wallet. A wallet is a storage for your currency, where you can keep your possessions protected. They are useful too, as they allow you to quickly access your money without transferring them from an exterior wallet, which may take up to 15 minutes. Another characteristic you find in the best cryptocurrency trading apps is the tracker. This feature allows you to check real-time cryptocurrency prices and show you trends and graphs of the available currencies.

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Is a Cryptocurrency Trading App Trustworthy?

When thinking about cryptocurrencies and trading apps the first thing that comes to mind is how such a complex technology can work and be secured. 

At the foundation of cryptocurrencies, we find a blockchain system that secures information by locking them one to another and diffusing them into all its networks, being verified and registered by millions of members. This verification method is called peer-to-peer. This structure is essential because it makes these currencies practically impossible to counterfeit.

Furthermore, service providers offer a wide range of security systems to ensure their users' best experience.

First of all, we have two-factor authentication. To access the app, you will need to insert your password and then confirm the login from either your phone or email. This method will ensure that no scammer can access your funds. When registering for the first time, most service providers will also require you to upload your ID to verify your identity, which will be checked personally by an employee. This protection system ensures that no identity is stolen.

Another safety measure is granted by SSL protocol (Secure Socket Layer), a system that encrypts the connection between parties in an inaccessible way for interlopers. SSL protocol is particularly effective against hackers.

Furthermore, all providers dispose of some SAFU (Secure Asset Fund for Users) kept in safe cold accounts available to offer protection in case of losses due to the provider's fault.

For what concerns legal aspects, many apps have achieved government recognition worldwide from entities like FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) for the UK, ESMA (European Securities and Market Authority) for Europe and ASIC (Australian Securities and Investment Commission) for Australia. These legal bodies require providers to follow strict requirements, such as performing regular audits, keeping client funds in segregated accounts, and clearly informing users of cryptocurrency trading risks. 

In our list of best cryptocurrency trading apps in 2023, we made sure to only select providers licensed and regulated to offer you the safest and most reliable options on the market.

Final Thoughts

You should now have more tools to evaluate what is the best cryptocurrency trading app for you. What you should prioritize during this process is your real needs for what concerns investments and the best instruments to help you make profits out of them. Remember that cryptocurrency trade can consistently help your finances but should be used carefully and thoughtfully. In any case, opting for an app will change your trade perspective and give you the opportunity to go deep into cryptocurrencies in a way no other trading method could ever. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Yes. Most of the trading apps are certified by some government institutions and apply thoughtful and elaborate security measures like SSL protocol and two-factor authentication.
  2. Cryptocurrencies are based on a blockchain system verified by a peer-to-peer network that makes them impossible to falsify.
  3. You can, but some apps may require a minimum amount available on your account before proceeding with the withdrawal.
  4. You are the only person who can access your account. However, it would be best if you were very careful with sharing passwords or accessing your account from shared devices, as this may expose your account to risks.
  5. Apps retain only a tiny percentage (usually around 2%) of customer funds online. Fiat currency is kept in segregated, custodial bank accounts. Even if hacking may occur, the apps are responsible for any losses resulting from the intrusion and their insurance policy would cover for any leak.
  6. You can use many different wallets outside your trading app.
  7. Some wallets are created to retain one specific cryptocurrency, so make sure to check if the cryptocurrency you are buying is compatible with your wallet and vice-versa.
  8. Yes, you can. This process is generally computer sharing your address or through a QR code.
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