A Guide to Buying Bitcoin Gold

You’ve decided to buy Bitcoin Gold. You’ve read the news, know a bit about it and want to know more specifically where and how to buy it.

Formed in October 2017, Bitcoin Gold is a cryptocurrency that is the result of another fork in Bitcoin. Following the previous Bitcoin Cash fork in the same year, investors who already owned Bitcoins at the time of the fork, are eligible to receive the equivalent amount of Bitcoin Gold (BTG) as the Bitcoins they owned. So, for example, if you had 10 BTC you would automatically receive 10 BTG.

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The ways in which you can buy Bitcoin Gold are still emerging, although it is slowly becoming more established on exchanges. However, it can still be a time-consuming task finding out how to buy Bitcoin Gold so we have done the hard work for you and looked at the top sites and platforms.

Are you ready to buy Bitcoin Gold today? Why not sign up with CryptoGo, where you can purchase your Bitcoin Gold using wire transfer or credit card.

How do I Buy Bitcoin Gold?

Buy Bitcoin Gold

There are a few ways to buy Bitcoin Gold. If you are going through an exchange then you will need to purchase Bitcoins first, click on this link for the Top 40 sites to buy bitcoin.

Platforms like Coinbase and Coinmama are simple to use and accept different payment methods. Using a site like eToro is another straightforward way to buy  cryptocurrencies, register today and you will get a bonus!

Different Ways to Buy Bitcoin Gold 

Below we have provided details of each platform so that you can work out the best way to buy Bitcoin Gold for your own specific needs. Keep reading to see our step-by-step guides to buying Bitcoin Gold with CryptoGo.


Bittrex is a popular and recognized platform where it’s possible to trade BTG with BTC. To make a deposit you will need to have an account and will have to use cryptocurrencies via Bittrex wallet.

On this platform you cannot use fiat currencies so you will not be able to buy Bitcoin Gold with USD, for example. You will need to go to another exchange where you can purchase in fiat. Also, you will not be able to buy Bitcoin Gold with credit cards, debit cards or bank transfers.

Binance is a similar exchange to Bittrex apart from it has its own token. To buy Bitcoin Gold on Binance you will need to set up an account and have Ethereum or Bitcoin coins. Transfer these coins to your Binance wallet and look for trading pairs BTG/ETH or BTG/BTC, now place your buy order on the website. Note that you cannot use credit cards and debit cards on Binance.

There are no limits or fees on deposits but on every trade you make on Binance there is a 0.1% fee. If you use the Binance token (BNB) the fee is halved to 0.05%. The trading pairs BTG/BTC and BTG/ETH are available on Binance but you cannot deposit or withdraw BTG yet on the platform.

Bithumb is a Korean-based exchange with a very large trading volume. It is considered to be one of the highest rated websites to trade Bitcoin on. Deposits and withdrawals on the platform are all made through cryptocurrencies and KRW points but you can deposit BTG into your wallet.

Coinbase allows users to buy Bitcoin Gold with a credit card, albeit indirectly. First, buy either Bitcoin or Ethereum with your credit card, once you have these currencies in your wallet, you can then use them to buy BTG on one of the exchanges that offers trading in BTG.

Coinbase is one of the largest and most trusted platforms, open to users from Europe, Australia, Singapore or the US. You can also pay deposits using credit card (3.99%) and bank transfers and PayPal. (1.49%).

Coinmama allows you to buy Bitcoin Gold in much the same way as Coinbase. User can buy BTG with a debit card or credit card on the platform. Fees are around 6% for using credit cards.

Changelly is a cryptocurrency exchange where you can exchange and buy Bitcoin Gold and other alt coins. Payment methods accepted: Bank card, credit card and debit card and you can withdraw with cryptocurrencies. There are over 70 cryptocurrencies available Fees: 0.5% withdrawal fees

*Note that if you are already registered on a site where you have been able to claim your BTG, this does not necessarily mean you can buy Bitcoin Gold from that platform.


Buying Bitcoin Gold with CryptoGo

Buying any cryptocurrency, particularly if you have done it only once or twice, can be a little daunting.

Below we have put together instructions stage-by-stage, on how to buy Bitcoin Gold on CryptoGo to help get you going.

Buy Bitcoin Gold - CryptoGo

Buying BTG with CryptoGo is very easy with your dedicated personal account manager, smooth registration process and low transaction fees, CryptoGo’s intermediary service is a seamless way of buying Bitcoin Gold.

Also useful to know about CryptoGo is that you can trade with a minimum of just $1 and there are no limits on deposit. Users can also sell back to the exchange.

Buy Bitcoin Gold - Cryptogo Sign up

Step 1

Enter your name, email address and phone number into the ‘sign up’ box on the homepage of the CryptoGo website. You will receive an email, confirm the email and you are all signed up!

Buy Bitcoin Gold - Cryptogo select coin

Step 2

Choose the payment method you prefer. For either wire transfer and debit card payment you will need to insert your postal address. Complete the verification process.

Buy Bitcoin Gold - Cryptogo payment method

Step 3

Once your payment has been submitted your order will be confirmed and you will have your Bitcoin Gold in your chosen wallet within less than two hours!

Find out more about how CryptoGo can help you buy Bitcoin Gold instantly by checking out this review.

Buy Bitcoin Gold with PayPal

Buy Bitcoin Gold - paypal

At the moment, there isn’t direct path to buying Bitcoin Gold with PayPal. If you want to use PayPal you will first have to purchase Bitcoin Gold via one of the platforms listed above. Here are the exchanges where you can use PayPal.

  • Virwox
  • Paxful
  • LocalBitcoins
  • Cryptonit


Which Wallet is Best for Bitcoin Gold?

Before you buy Bitcoin Gold, you need to ensure you have a wallet. There are many different wallets available for all cryptocurrencies.

Buy Bitcoin Gold - wallet

If you to buy Bitcoin Gold it is imperative that you have somewhere to keep your coins safe. We recommend keeping your BTG in either one of the following wallets:

  • Ledger Nano S is the most popular choice of hardware wallet for cryptocurrency and it supports Bitcoin Gold. It is relatively cheap to purchase and comes with a 24-word seed key for the private key.
  • Bitcoin Gold Core is the official platform for BTG. It allows you to store your coins, send and receive and mine Bitcoin Gold too. You will have to use up a lot of your hard drive to use this wallet as you need to download the whole Blockchain. You can use this for Windows and Linuix operating systems.
  • Freewallet allows users to store Bitcoin Gold and other currencies on a mobile as an APP. It has built in cold storage with all assets stored offline to keep away from hackers.
  • Coinomi is a multi-asset wallet that supports around 30 different cryptocurrencies and puts users in charge of their keys and seed words. Available as an APP, users do not need an account to generate wallets on it.
  • Exodus is a multi-cryptocurrency software wallet storable on a Desktop. Integrated with ShapeShift, means you can swap coins with no need to go through an exchange. You do not have to download the whole blockchain to use it either.
  • The primary requirement for a cryptocurrency wallet is safety. One of the safest options is the offline hardware wallet. This looks like a memory stick and it connects to your PC in the same way via USB. It is considered one of the most secure wallets to keep your coins.

*Note that not all wallets support BTG, even though you will get the BTG, you will have to wait for it in some cases.


Is it Worth Mining Bitcoin Gold?

The simple answer, ‘more than likely, yes’. We say ‘more than likely’ because it is so early in the day for BTG. And we say ‘yes’ because the very reason Bitcoin Gold has come into creation is to do with changing the algorithm connected to the way Bitcoin is mined and made accessible to individual miners, rather than for big operations with access to expensive mining equipment.

As well as buying Bitcoin Gold via exchanges and brokers, investors can profit from BTG through mining. If you want to start mining you will need to have mining software, a dedicated computer for mining and an account on an exchange. You will also need a healthy supply and steady stream of electricity.


Conclusion – should I invest in Bitcoin Gold?

Buy Bitcoin Gold - Invest

Investing in Bitcoin Gold is gathering more pace but as with all cryptocurrencies, nothing is guaranteed. Everybody knows about ‘Bitcoin’, so from a marketing point of view, the brand awareness campaign for buying Bitcoin Gold is half way there already.

As a new currency, we would recommend using a broker with experience and advice to buy Bitcoin Gold. CryptoGo is an ideal service as it has access to every cryptocurrency on the market. The company provides investments in the form of CFDs (Contracts For Difference) a joint agreement between two separate entities, a buyer and a seller.

The agreement specifies that the buyer will pay the seller the difference in price between the existing value of an asset (in this case, Bitcoin Gold) and the value at the time of contract. This way, volatile markets like the one Bitcoin Gold operates in, can be capitalized on. Investors do not own any of the currency but the risk involved in investing is lowered.

So, now that you’ve got all the information on buying Bitcoin Gold, why not start trading today with CryptoGo now? Sign up here.

If you are still looking for a bit more on Bitcoin Gold, check out our FAQs below.

Bitcoin Gold FAQ's

Can I buy Bitcoin Gold with cash?

It is not possible to buy Bitcoin Gold with cash at this point in time. You will need to buy Bitcoins with cash on a platform like LocalBitcoins first, then convert these. LocalBitcoins allows for trades directly in person, sellers advertise on the platform and buyers find them. The process is often speedy and you can often acquire your currency instantly. There is also a lot of choice when it comes to payment methods.

Can I buy Bitcoin Gold with other cryptocurrencies?

Yes, it is possible to Buy Bitcoin Gold with Ethereum, Bitcoin and others.

Can I buy Bitcoin Gold with Skrill?

Yes, you can. If you go through a site like BitPanda, Europeans can buy BTG with this method.

Will I get Bitcoin Gold free?

Some investors may not need to buy Bitcoin Gold as they will already own it if they had BTC in their wallet before the fork. The exchange will have your Bitcoin Gold if it was held there at the time of the fork.

However, there is no legal entity able to enforce that the exchange provides the BTG for you. Not all exchanges will credit users, although it is likely most will. Bitfinex, BitBTC, Connest, Bitstar are some of the exchanges that have agreed to credit BTC owners.

Remember, you are not getting ‘free money’ you are getting a ‘free alt coin’ which the market decides the value of. As momentum builds and exposure grows, more exchanges are accepting BTG making the option to invest look more and more attractive.

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