A Guide to Buying Bitcoin Diamond

Looking at where to buy Bitcoin Diamond? This page will help you.

After researching and reviewing the top performing platforms and sites, we’ve put together a comprehensive ‘buy guide’ to save you time. 

Bitcoin forks are becoming a regular occurrence and it’s likely more are on their way, Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) is one of the latest forks that plans to speed up transactions, increase privacy and accessibility.

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In the below table we have detailed the places where you can buy Bitcoin Diamond.

If you are interested in buying BCD today then have a look here at CryptoGo’s website  and start trading Bitcoin Diamond in minutes!


Where can you Buy Bitcoin Diamond?

Buy Bitcoin Diamond - Image 1

Photo credit: Shopify

If you want to buy BCD using bank transfer you’ll need to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum from an exchange first, then you can transfer this currency to an exchnage where you can buy Bitcoin Diamond with Bitcoin or Ethereum. The same is true if you want to buy Bitcoin Diamond with PayPal or Skrill, for example.

If you want to have a look at the Top 40 exchanges where some of these payment options are available, click here.

Once you have purchased your BTC or ETH you can then use one of the below exchanges to buy Bitcion Diamond.

  1. Gate.io is a crypto-to-crypto exchange  that was started in 2017 #. It offers users the chance to buy new altcoins and those that are more difficult to find. It also provides the latest information on coins to help investors. It operates as a web-based application and is also available as mobile APP.

    Funds are stored in hot and cold wallets, with two factor authentication (two different passwords for fund access and account access). At the moment, you cannot make a deposit or withdrawl of BCD but trading pairs, BCD/ BTC and BCD/USDT are on the platform. Trades on Gate.io will incur a 0.2% fee.

  2. Binance is a large exchange that also specialises in crypto to crypto trades, it is an ideal site if you are already used to dealing with cryptocurrencies. It regulalry ranks No.1 in terms of trading volume and has quickly become a popular site thanks to its relatively lower fees. The site also regularly publishes information on the latest initial coin offerings.

    There is a large vairty of altcoins to trade with on the site, including Bitcoin Diamond. The average fee on the site is 0.1%  - if you use the BNB ( Binance token) you will recieve a 50% discount on this fee.

  3. CEX.io is a registered exchange based in the UK. Payment options on the site include Visa, Mastercard, bank transfer and it supports USD, UR, RUB and GBP fiat currencies. Deposits can be made with some debit and credit cards. Fees are comparitvely high and range from 1.2 to 5% depending on the amount transferred. The platform has mixed reviews but is mainly considered a trustworthy site.

    Most countries are supported by CEX.io although some countries are not able to buy with bank transfer. Verifcation on the site is available in tiers with little information required for Tier 1.


Buying Bitcoin Diamond with CryptoGo

The easiest way to buy Bitcoin Diamond instantly is through a broker or an intermediary service like CryptoGo.

CryptoGo is a UK based portal where traders can buy any cryptocurrency with fiat money. It is ideal if you want to gain a head start buying Bitcoin Diamond and don’t want spend time working out the functionality of a complex exchange. Deposits can be made via bank transfer, debit card and payment methods like PayPal and Neteller are also accepted.

Below we have detailed how to buy Bitcoin Diamond with screenshots and three easy steps.

Step 1

Register on CryptoGo

Buy Bitcoin Diamond - Cryptogo login     Buy Bitcoin Diamond - Cryptogo homepage

Step 2

Verify your account when the email is sent to your inbox. Select the coin you want on the account page and choose the preferred payment option and amount you wish to deposit.

Buy Bitcoin Diamond - Cryptogo my account
Buy Bitcoin Diamond - Cryptogo select coin

Step 3

Confirm your order by providing your identification documents and recieve  Bitcoin Diamond in your chosen wallet.


Key features of CryptoGo:

·       It’s simple to order more coins when you log into your account
·       You can add and save a wallet for individual cryptocurrencies
·       You can upload your documents on your account
·       Get free coins when you refer someone!
To read a review of CryptoGo click here


Buying Bitcoin Diamond with eToro

Etoro Logo

eToro is a social trading platform specializing in CFDs (contracts for difference). On the platform there are many different altcoins to trade in and investors can copy more experienced traders.  With CFDs,   because you are not buying an ‘asset’, rather, a ‘contract’, payments are faster and there is a greater choice of payment methods. Have a look at videos and a review of eToro.

Which is the best wallet for Bitcoin Diamond?

Buy Bitcoin Diamond - Wallet

Photo credit: Shopify

Before you Buy Bitcoin Diamond, or indeed any cryptocurrency, always make sure you have a safe wallet for storage. You can keep your currencies on an exchange for a short while but it is not a long-term storage solution for your currencies.

We have had a look through different wallets and listed below the ones which support Bitcoin Diamond.

  • BitPie is a wallet that allows users to send and receive coins quickly. It has a built-in escrow function and users are able to buy and sell using peer-to-peer dealers globally.
  • Bitgo.cc is a wallet known for its security with its multi signature wallet and two factor authentications. Android and iOS are supported by Bitgo and users can use their devices to keep their private keys on too. It is not an open-source service which some users do prefer.
  • Kcash is another wallet that supports BTD. It offers a number of different verification methods, two step authentication and multiple signatures.

*Ledger wallets are currently not available for BTD.


Can I Mine Bitcoin Diamond?

Buy Bitcoin Diamond - Mining

If you don’t want to buy Bitcoin Diamond from an exchange or a broker, there are other ways you can profit from BCD, through mining.

It is possible to mine BCD with a pool ( supported pools listed below) or with a full node client. The hashtag algorithm for Bitcoin Diamond is different to Bitcoin and mining equipment like ASICs cannot be used. To mine new BCD blocks, miners use graphic cards.

In addition, you will need:

1.       To acquire the wallet address first, so that you can recieve BCD

2.       To buy mining software ( you will need to purchase N Card Worker software)

3.       Membership of an exchange

4.       An reliable internet connection

5.       A location to store your equipment

6.       A reliable desktop computer, ideally one dedicated purely for the purpose of mining 

As well as being available on the market, a reserve of BCD has been put aside for mining in a ‘rewards pool’.

Mining pools avaialble for BCD include:

  • BTCC
  • UUPool
  • 4miner.me
  • ZenPool


Should I Invest in Bitcoin Diamond?

Buy Bitcoin Diamond - Logo 2

In summary, there is a lot still to come from BCD as it is still only early days. To decide whether to invest in Bitcoin Diamond you need to determine if its aims are achievable and necessary.

Here are four key facts about Bitcoin Diamond:

  1. BCD was launched in in November 2017 in Singapore by anonymous developers who stated the need for the fork to improve long confirmation times and high transaction fees causing a blockade on Bitcoin.
  2. It has done well so far with $50 million in average daily trading volume, and although it has since decreased it remains a top coin in terms of market cap.
  3. The supply of BCD is multiplied by 10 meaning ultimately, there will be more of these in circulation than Bitcoin.
  4. It has been referred to as the better Bitcoin but like all cryptocurrencies, only time will tell whether BCD is worth investing in. It has what seems like well-intended and realistic plans to make real-time fast transactions, reducing transfer costs and creating wider accessibility with lower price entry and higher coin volume; all as a direct respsonse to Bitcoin’s pressure points.

Now that you are armed with all the facts register here to start trading BCD today!

If you would like to know a bit more, have a look at our FAQs below:

Bitcoin Diamond FAQ's

How is Bitcoin Diamond different from Bitcoin?

Bitcoin Diamond is similar to Bitcoin but it is bigger thanks to the 8 times size block making it capable of creating more than three million more transactions per day than its counterpart. This means it’s likely to be more repsonsive to a higher demand on its network than Bitcoin.

Also, Bitcoin uses a different algorithm, SHA-256, whereas Bitcoin Diamond uses Optimized X 13 – this means that the usual mining equipment cannot be used e.g. ASIC miner equipment if you are planning on mining BCD.

How can I claim my BCDs?

At the time of the Bitcoin fork, there were 16.7 million in existance, equating to 167 million BCDs created at the time. For people who were holding BTCs at the time, it is possible to claim their BCDs.

Which payment method is best for buying Bitcoin Diamond?

As mentioned, you cannot buy Bitcoin Diamond with PayPal, debit card or credit card directly, the best way to buy BCD is through buying Bitcoin or Ethereum first, using a bank account, then exchanging for BCD. This is one of the cheapest ways you can do it. If you want to buy BCD fast, then use your credit card but be prepared to pay a higher fee for this. At the moment, BCD is still not on all exchanges, but this is likely to change as its popularity increases.

Who can buy BCD?

Anyone can buy Bitcoin Diamond so long as the purchase of cryptocurrencies in general is accepted in your country.

How do I sell my Bitcoin Diamond tokens?

You can sell BCD by moving it from your wallet onto an exchange, e.g. Binance.

Am I eligible to receive Bitcoin Diamond tokens?

The BCD fork happened at the block height of 495866, if you were in ownership of BTC at this time then you are eligible to have BCD at the ratio 1BTC to 10 BCD.

Can I buy Bitcoin Diamond with USD?

No, it is not possible at the moment unless you buy another cryptocurrency first. If you have USD to trade with you will need to go through  an exchange like Coinbase where you can connect your bank account ( cheaper fees than credit cards), then create another account on a crypto-to-crypto exchange.

If you want to do this you will need to go through a larger exchange that takes deposits from PayPal.

Is there a direct way to buy BCD?

There is no direct way to buy BCD as this is a new coin. It is available on some crypto-to-crypto exchanges as detailed above.

What is the best kind of payment to use when buying BCD?

It is advisable to use either Bitcoin or Ethereum when you buy Bitcoin Diamond. Do this by registering your bank account and then trading it on an exchange.

Can I buy Bitcoin Diamond with cash?

If you want to buy BCD with Cash then you will have to first of all buy use a Bitcoin ATM, purchase BTC and then convert this on an exchange like Binance. 

What else do I need to know about Bitcoin Diamond?

Remember, you will need a safe and secure wallet. It is important not to store your BCD or any coins on an exchange, only to keep them there temporarily.

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