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Learn Where & How to Buy Stellar Lumens With Credit Card - A Beginner's Guide

Stellar Credit Card
Author: Chris Morris Updated: January 28, 2022

Stellar Lumens has established itself as one of the most popular cryptocurrency platforms over the last few years. Stellar Lumens had an excellent foundation for success, being the product of the imagination of Jed McCaleb - founder of Mt. Gox and co-founder of Ripple. This early promise for the Stellar Lumens project led to 3 million people registering user accounts on the platform by January 2015.

Since its early success, Stellar Lumens has established itself as one of the more recognisable cryptocurrencies available. The token is used both as a medium of investment and as a unit of exchange on a widespread basis. Its prominence has meant that there are many available methods to purchase Stellar Lumens.

So in this particular article, we’re going to examine one of these - how-to purchase Stellar Lumens with a credit card.

Steps to Buy Stellar Lumens With Credit Card

The process involved with purchasing Stellar Lumens via credit card is relatively straightforward, but it still requires users to follow these steps accurately:

  • Firstly, it is necessary to identify an appropriate exchange for your transaction. This will form the basis of your Stellar Lumens purchase.
  • Exchanges will require you to register, and virtually all of them also have a verification process, which is required in order to confirm your identification. 
  • During the identification process, official documents and utility bills will often be requested. It is sometimes possible to purchase Stellar Lumens completely anonymously, but is becoming increasingly rare, and is definitely less likely with credible platforms.
  • Before you purchase Stellar Lumens with your credit card, you may also be asked to confirm a series of small transactions that are made to your bank account. Again, this is part of the security and identification process.
  • Once you have traversed through registration and identification, it will be possible to register your credit account with the exchange in question. This is the final process involved with purchasing your tokens.
  • However, as soon as your transaction has been successfully completed, it is certainly advisable to use a personal wallet for the storage of your tokens. Transfers should take place immediately, and you should set up your wallet before making any transactions. There are many wallet solutions available on the Internet.

Pros and Cons of Buying Stellar Lumens With Credit Card


Purchasing via credit card is usually the fastest and most convenient method
Compatibility with credit cards is virtually universal
Credit cards offer purchasing insurance and other protections
The majority of the credit card providers offer rewards
Credit card companies are established, often associated with banks, and will generally offer an excellent level of customer service
Credit cards are ideal for online purchases and are frequently used for this purpose


Credit cards are subject to interest rates and fees
Credit cards are not available to all users, with credit rating often being an issue

What Are the Transaction Fees on Credit Card?

Transaction fees associated with purchasing Stellar Lumens via credit cards vary depending on the provider involved. However, the first thing to note is that this purchasing method will generally attract fees.

An investigation of credit card fees reveals that purchasing Stellar Lumens via a credit card will usually attract a fee of approximately 3%. While many people appreciate the credibility and safety associated with credit cards, this fee purchasing issue can dissuade some users.

Stellar Lumens to Credit Card: Can I Transfer Stellar Lumens to Credit Card?

In terms of transferring Stellar Lumens to a credit card or credit card balance, this is an extremely difficult proposition. Most credit card providers do not recognise Stellar Lumens as a valid currency as such, and thus do not make it possible to transfer balances from the cryptocurrency wallet to a credit card.

It should also be noted that this isn't really a practical approach anyway, as fees tend to be associated with credit cards, and it's much more financially viable to simply hold the balances in cryptos in the first place.

Credit Card to Stellar Lumens: Is It Possible to Convert My Credit Card Funds to Stellar Lumens?

However, converting credit cards funds to Stellar Lumens is far more feasible than the reverse. Transferring and converting a credit card balance to Stellar Lumens should be perfectly feasible, and it is indeed possible with the majority of exchanges. Ultimately, most credit card users do not have a balance as such, and simply use credit cards as a purchasing mechanism. In this respect, they are ideal for Stellar Lumens, or indeed any other cryptocurrency.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Stellar Lumens is a major cryptocurrency project, which aims to improve on the mechanism delivered by the market-leading Bitcoin. The Stellar Development Foundation was founded in 2014 to run the Stellar Lumens project, and the platform features its own proprietary cryptocurrency token, which is depicted by the symbol XLM.
  2. There are a variety of reasons that people might choose credit cards for Stellar Lumens purchases. But perhaps the most obvious is that most people in this day and age have credit cards in their wallets. They are available, they are convenient, and they are frequently used by the majority of the population. Indeed, credit cards are probably the most commonly used payment method in the western world, and certainly the most commonly used online. This means that they are accepted widely by online investors, and are almost universally available as a purchase method in the cryptocurrency community.
  3. It is difficult to answer this question with complete authority, as there is no official data collected on this matter. However, considering the prevalence of credit cards as an internet payment method, it seems highly probable that credit cards are used more than any other payment method. With virtually all Stellar Lumens being purchased online, credit cards fit the bill perfectly.
  4. There are several reasons that a cryptocurrency consumer may choose not to use a credit card for purchasing Stellar Lumens. The first is particularly straightforward - they simply might not have access to any credit cards. There can be several barriers to entry to the credit market, including age and credit history. Another issue with credit card purchases is the interest rates that are associated with them, although users can usually circumnavigate this by making disciplined purchases and settling balances. Credit cards can also make people vulnerable to identity theft, and this can be a dissuading factor for some consumers.
  5. The founders of the Stellar Lumens project believe that it is a more efficient, and therefore superior, cryptocurrency to others that are available. While Bitcoin has become hugely popular, the blockchain and crypto technology has steadily evolved since it emerged some years ago. This means that contemporary digital payment systems that include innovative technology, such as Stellar Lumens, can outperform Bitcoin.
  6. Stellar Lumens is free from any minimum transaction amount, but some exchanges will set limits.
  7. The Stellar Development Foundation has been registered as a non-profit entity, and it has been established that the company has no stock whatsoever. The Stellar Development Foundation doesn't have shareholders, and nor does it pay out dividends. There is thus no profit whatsoever associated with the Stellar Lumens project.
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