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Learn Where & How to Buy Ripple With Credit Card - A Beginner's Guide

Ripple Credit Card

Ripple is a popular digital payment protocol that operates on an open-source, decentralised platform. It allows the seamless transfer of digital currencies. The decentralised platform’s digital currency is also known as Ripple (XRP).

A credit card is a payment method that offers cardholders credit that they can use to make purchases. To use credit cards, you must demonstrate the ability to repay the loan at the right time. If you have a profitable deal but do not have cash at hand, you can directly or indirectly buy XRP with a credit card at your convenience.

Steps to Buy Ripple With Credit Card

Due to advancements in technology, we have several alternative ways of purchasing XRP. You can buy Ripple with a debit card. Alternatively, you can conduct a bank transfer or use PayPal to buy Ripple. Other than that, you can buy XRP with a credit card, especially when you have inadequate funds in your bank account. All you need is to learn how to use this convenient payment method. Read on for the tips for buying this digital asset with a credit card:

  1. Activate your credit card: You can activate your Visa or MasterCard credit card. Both of them allow you to trade XRP and have made the digital asset’s buying and selling easy. Please note that Visa and MasterCard only act as payment networks. So, the specific bank that is issuing the card has more power to determine the service terms. In other words, put more focus on partnering with the right bank.
  2. Create an account on a reputable Ripple trading platform: Use your email address and phone number to create your free account on the best cryptocurrency exchange. You will then take a few minutes to verify the phone and email. In some instances, they may ask you to provide your ID documents online.
  3. Create a Ripple wallet: Since many trading platforms have built-in multi-currency wallets, you may skip this step. But we always recommend to our readers to use secure offline wallets. Better still, you can buy hardware wallets. When you store your XRP in a secure Ripple wallet, you mitigate the risk of loss.

These are the necessary steps that most people who are buying and selling XRP follow. However, depending on your chosen platform, you may find a few minor differences. For example, if your exchange has a secure Ripple wallet, you can log in and follow their instructions. Choose the credit card as your payment method and proceed with the remaining part of the transaction. 

Pros and Cons of Buying Ripple With Credit Card


Safer than a debit card
Reward points
Grace period
Universally accepted
Improves credit score
Buy Ripple on loan
Responsive support team


Many merchants do not accept it
High charges
Increased possibility of impulse buying and debt

What Are the Transaction Fees on Credit Card?

Before you start buying Ripple, you should consider the fees you will need to pay per transaction. You can make the right decision if you think about the amount that your payment institutions will charge you in advance. The main payment networks, Visa and MasterCard, charge almost the same amount of money. MasterCard imposes a fee of between 1.55% and 2.6%. Visa charges between 1.43% and 2.4%.

But some banks impose significantly differing rates. You need to confirm with your bank or the financial institutions that issued your card about their exact rates. Some charge as much as 7%. Please note that your chosen trading platform and the wallet service provider can also charge you a small fee per transaction.

Start now!

XRP to Credit Card: Can I Transfer Ripple to Credit Card?

Yes. You can transfer Ripple to credit cards in two different ways. Since many card issuers have developed platforms compatible with Ripple, you can directly transfer the digital currency. In this case, you send the funds to your bank or financial institution, and the money reflects on your credit card.

Due to the volatility of digital currencies, some card issuers are not prepared to allow direct trading. If you lack an opportunity to buy and sell Ripple directly, sign up with an XRP exchange. Send your Ripple to them as per your agreement. They will then fund your credit card. Of course, you must choose a trading platform that offers the best rates and accepts credit cards as one of their payment methods.

Credit Card to Ripple: Is It Possible to Convert My Credit Card Fund to XRP?

Since some credit cards support XRP, you can directly convert your credit card funds to XRP. You may initiate the transaction, and your bank will finance the transaction directly. If you do not have the opportunity to buy Ripple directly, use an indirect method. You can do this by using a reliable cryptocurrency exchange that accepts this payment method and paying them. After that, they will fund your Ripple wallet with the right amount of the digital currency.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. You can buy Ripple with a credit card by creating an XRP wallet, although you can also store the coins in your cryptocurrency exchange account. You can use a coded wallet to protect your money in case the exchange suffers a data breach. Next, create an account on the best trading platform and initiate the trade. Pay using your credit card and confirm receipt of the funds in your Ripple wallet.

  2. Yes, you can buy Ripple with your credit card without verification. But we do not recommend this for safety reasons. In 2020, it is becoming incredibly difficult to purchase cryptocurrencies with any method of payment without verification. There are some exchanges that have made the verification process simple, so you can consider working with them.

  3. It is essential to know that MasterCard and Visa are payment networks. So, they do not issue credit cards. Moreover, the bank or financial institutions that issue you the card is more important than the payment network. But this is only true if you are thinking about Visa and MasterCard since they are the ones that support cryptocurrency trade.

  4. Many banks and other credit card issuers do not like the practice of taking credit to buy XRP. They know that the practice is risky due to the high volatility of most cryptos, including XRP. On the other hand, debit card issuers have nothing to worry about since they use their own deposits to buy Ripple. But you should note that if you have a strong reason to buy Ripple with a credit card, you are justified. You can purchase it either directly or indirectly.

  5. Hardware wallets are always the best types of wallets. As physical devices with apps that store digital currencies in an offline environment, they keep hackers from accessing your coins. The only problem is that they come at a cost. There are several crypto wallets that you can use for free. But when you have many coins, you should buy a hardware wallet since security is more important to you than the cost in this instance.

  6. You can buy Ripple anytime that you need. But before you do that, do a cost-benefit analysis and consider the potential impact of volatility. If you want to use the currency to buy an essential commodity, you could buy the coins anytime. But if you want to invest, buy the coins when the process is lowest and sell when it is highest. This requires you to acquire in-depth trading knowledge required to increase your ability to make accurate predictions.

  7. Yes, it is a convenient method of buying Ripple. Credit cards are safe and reliable, but you should consider that they are costly and may encourage impulse buying.

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