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Where & How to Buy Cardano (ADA) in 2022

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Author: Shameel Kazi Updated: January 27, 2022

Cardano, indicated by ADA, is an open-source project whose main objective is to facilitate the seamless execution of smart contracts. If you are an investor who wants to buy Cardano, you should find out more information about the token, its growth and development, and future price projections to make sure that you are making a safe and sound investment. 

In addition, you will need to have a crypto wallet, either a cold or software one, where you can securely store your ADA tokens. 

3 Things to Consider Before Buying Cardano


Extraordinary Leadership

One of the significant reasons why the Cardano network has achieved such a great amount of accomplishment in a short time is because it has built up an approach to bring the best people on board. Just recently, Frederik Gregaard was appointed as the CEO of the foundation. The people behind Cardano or ADA have a firm belief in the network and its success which makes Cardano potentially a formidable player in the crypto space.


Diverse Community

Cardano has got a robust and highly motivated community of backers and developers around it that rely on a wide variety of digital and social platforms for collaboration including Medium, GitHub, Line, LinkedIn, Reddit, Twitter, YouTube and Cardano Forum.


Price Growth

In spite of the fact that crypto markets are infamous for being exceptionally unpredictable, Cardano's price has seen consistent growth during the last few years, making it one of few exceptional cases in the crypto market. This doesn't imply that there isn't any unpredictability to play with for day to day traders; it implies that the price instability usually doesn't demonstrate the colossal swings that different crypto tokens normally do.

Our Tutorial to Buy Cardano in 5 Steps

Before investing in Cardano, here is a five-stage guide that will lead you through the whole cycle to set you up for what's to come. 

Step 1: Find an Appropriate Platform to Buy Cardano

The first and foremost job is to discover a crypto platform that suits your investment strategy. For long-term investors, exchanges are better suited, while short-term investors need to rely on brokers. 

There are various variables that you should think about including administration quality, the usability of the platform, charges and client support. Ensure that the exchange or merchant you are picking suits your requirements in the most ideal manner that align with regards to affordability, convenience and service quality. 

One thing that can help you is checking on the web surveys. Some of the top platforms include Pepperstone, eToro and Plus500 while exchange websites are Binance, Kraken and Coinbase. They can assist you with trading ADA tokens or related monetary instruments. 

Step 2: Registration/Create a New Account 

After you have picked your service, you should enlist there and make an account. You'll likely need to give your name, password, email and other fundamental specifics before you can begin investing. If the platform complies with legal regulations, it will request you to prove your identity by presenting some sort of documentation, for example, an ID Card or driver's permit. 

You can discover unregulated merchants and exchanges on the web yet we strongly prescribe not to rely on them. Regulations add a touch of burden; however, it additionally guarantees the security of your data and your funds. 

Step 3: Deposit Funds 

Before you can begin putting your capital into ADA, you will need to deposit cash in your platform account. You can select different payment methods to do so including bank transfer, debit cards, credit cards and other online payment services. Keep in mind that to expand your financial gains, you should be very cautious about the expenses which can rack up pretty quickly.

Aside from that, you need to remember that numerous brokers and exchanges have a base deposit limit. For example, Skilling has a $100 minimum deposit limit, while Pepperstone doesn't request anything. It’s just a deposit limit, and you don’t necessarily need to invest your entire minimum deposit for buying Cardano.

Step 4: Start Trading or Buying Cardano 

Whenever you have taken all the above measures, you are currently in a situation to begin investing or trading in Cardano. When you are a long-haul trader, you will be on a crypto exchange where you can purchase and possess ADA coins. 

On the other hand, when you are a short-term trader, you will end up on a brokerage site where you will purchase and sell off instruments of ADA, for instance, CFDs since they are simpler to purchase and sell as compared to the ADA tokens. 

It wouldn’t hurt to remember that there are a couple of platforms, for example, eToro that offer both services i.e. being a crypto broker and an exchange as well. It implies that you can conduct the two kinds of investment on eToro without bouncing from one trading platform to another. 

Step 5: Optional Steps 

Since you have put resources into Cardano, you should be considering what else you can do with it. Here are a couple of choices you might have: 

  • Move resources for a wallet: 

When you are just a day to day investor, you don't have to stress over it, but long haul investors should store their ADA coins in a dedicated software or hardware wallet like Nano Ledger S to secure their ADA tokens. 

  • Participate in Cardano Community Support: 

If you believe in the cause and objective of the Cardano community, there are wallets where you can store your ADA tokens to offer monetary help to the foundation and the team working behind the scenes. 

  • Sell high, rebuy low: 

If you need to acquire consistent gains through your ADA venture, attempt to purchase the coins as low as could reasonably be expected. Never invest when the coin is experiencing a publicity hype or a price surge. Trust that the cost will tumble down and when you know it's at its lowest, buy your tokens. Make sure that you are managing your risk by putting your capital into various promising digital currencies. 

Accessible Payment Methods for Buying Cardano 

There are many payment methods accessible to both short and long-haul traders introduced by several crypto platforms. The most well-known and used payment modes incorporate the ones mentioned below: 

  • Buy Cardano with Cash 

When you want to purchase Cardano with fiat money or cash, you should discover the closest Cardano or ADA teller or ATM. You can depend on CoinATMRadar.com to find the nearest ATM for purchasing ADA coins. 

  • Buy Cardano with Credit/Debit Card 

You additionally have the choice to use your credit or debit card to purchase Cardano tokens as practically each crypto broker, and exchange has made this choice accessible including Coinmama, eToro, Binance and Coinbase. 

  • Buy Cardano with Bank Transfer 

For purchasing Cardano with wire or bank transfer, you first need to see if your favoured exchange or broker has made that particular payment mode available. Coinmama has the most extensive accessibility around the world. 

  • Buy Cardano with Cryptocurrency 

When you have Bitcoin or some other crypto tokens in your possession, for instance, Monero, Ethereum, Dash or Ripple, you can use them to purchase Cardano.

  • Buy Cardano with PayPal 

An overwhelming majority of cryptocurrency users and investors want to pay with PayPal for purchasing ADA but unfortunately, that's not a possibility as of yet due to regulatory setbacks. Crypto platforms alongside blockchain networks are striving to bring PayPal.

What Are the Fees for Buying Cardano?

The expenses of purchasing Cardano rely upon various elements including your country, your crypto broker or exchange, your payment mode and the amount of ADA you will purchase. For the most part, a bank transfer is the least expensive method to purchase ADA, yet it can be very slow. 

You can hope to incur charges somewhere in the range of 0.5% and 2%. Then again, if you lean toward speedy deposits, debit and credit cards can be used but keep in mind that they can cost you up to 7% of the aggregate order sum. You have to keep in mind that you know about the entirety of your expenses, so you are in a situation to boost your profits. 

Expert Tip to Buy and Sell Cardano

The most effective pointer any crypto expert can give you is that, when it comes to investing in cryptocurrencies or any other assets, don't depend on your feelings and continue to learn. When you have botched a good chance to invest, get over it. There will be another in a week or so. Try not to settle on decisions that are dependent on feelings and never become a victim of FOMO, i.e. fear of missing out. Crypto trading is tied in with being balanced, watching out for the numbers, and perusing the news and analysis on a consistent basis.
- Shameel Kazi

How to Find the Best Time to Buy Cardano

There is no ideal opportunity to put your capital into Cardano. You have to find the best time by building up a comprehension of the price ceiling and floor. Try not to purchase during the price surge and continue holding up until you know that price is unlikely to move any lower. At that point, you can buy ADA. Attempt to purchase as low as conceivable as that will put you in a position to make a major profit. 

What Drives the Coin's Price?

Since there are no focal or central authorities to control the price of Cardano through monetary regulations, the main factors that contribute towards price development are market forces. They are influenced by the market sentiment, rumours, political turns of events, new guidelines, and new developments. 

How to Sell Cardano 

When you believe that the opportunity has arrived to sell Cardano to earn your gains, you have numerous options available to sell your ADA tokens: 

  • Cryptocurrency Exchange – If you are a long-term investor who is holding ADA coins for a while, you should find an exchange to sell your tokens. 

  • Trading/Broker Websites – On the other hand, if you are a day to a day trader who possesses a financial instrument, for example, ADA CFD, you can sell it off on a broker’s site. 

  • Peer-to-Peer Network (P2P) – If you own tokens, you can sell them through P2P networks as well, which are essentially marketplaces that bring digital money sellers and purchasers together. They permit you to set your selling and buying preferences. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Cardano is a completely decentralised network and token. No focal or central authority can control the price except for market forces.
  2. Cardano is fundamentally a network for running smart contracts, and hence, it is not widely used as a currency alternative. That being said, few websites do accept it as a valid currency.
  3. If you have a Cardano wallet and have made all the security efforts, your ADA tokens will stay secure in the wallet.
  4. Cardano has just started its journey and has achieved quite a lot in such a short time. There is a great future ahead for cryptocurrencies.
  5. That thoroughly relies upon the financial investor, the techniques used, capital contributed and risk management skills.
  6. You can only find this answer through your country’s tax laws. Numerous nations right now don't have regulations associated with cryptocurrency trading.
  7. Since it's a decentralised organisation, demand and supply drive the cost that is influenced by political, social and technical variables.
  8. With regards to digital currencies, there are no sure shot ventures, both in the short and long term investment. However, Cardano is one of the most encouraging digital currencies out there with a growing community, financial support and a viable future plan.

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