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Learn Where & How to Buy Bitcoin Cash With Credit Card - A Beginner's Guide

Bitcoin Cash Credit Card
Author: Chris Morris Updated: January 28, 2022

Bitcoin Cash has become one of the most successful cryptocurrencies, in just a few years. The altcoin was formed by the forking of Bitcoin, which took place in 2017. The idea behind Bitcoin Cash is to create a higher number of transactions on the blockchain, creating a more efficient cryptocurrency in the process.

As Bitcoin Cash has established itself among the top cryptos on the planet, it has become available via a variety of payment methods. With credit cards being widely accepted all over the world, it has become easy to purchase Bitcoin Cash.

This article will assess the process of purchasing Bitcoin Cash with credit cards, and some of the most important related issues.

Steps to Buy Bitcoin Cash With Credit Card

Purchasing Bitcoin Cash with a credit card is relatively straightforward, but it does require you to follow a few simple processes:

  1. It is first important to create an account with one of the many digital exchanges for Bitcoin Cash that are widely available.
  2. Once you have done this, you must select a username and password, and all digital exchanges will also require an email address.
  3. Next, you will go through a verification process, which will require you to confirm your name, date of birth and identifying details.
  4. Before going any further, it will be critically important to register the credit card that you intend to use with the exchange in question.
  5. Next, you should create a wallet and a deposit address for your Bitcoin Cash tokens, so that they can be safely stored in the future.
  6. Finally, fund your account with Bitcoin Cash, transfer the tokens to your wallet, and your Bitcoin Cash purchase has begun.

Pros and Cons of Buying Bitcoin Cash With Credit Card


Credit cards are the most popular and convenient payment method
Credit cards are the most widely accepted in retail, which extends to crypto markets
Credit card payments are insured
Credit cards often have reward schemes, making purchases of BCH more attractive
Fast transaction times
Credit cards are ideal for online purchases


Attract more fees than other payment methods
Potential for interest payments
Not accessible to younger or unemployed people

What Are the Transaction Fees on Credit Cards?

Transaction fees on credit cards do vary depending on the particular circumstances, but it must be acknowledged that the fees associated with this medium can be a downside of this payment method. 

While the credit card involved, the credit rating of the consumer, and the site from which one is purchasing will all have an impact on credit card fees, you can generally expect to be charged an advance fee in the region of 3% of the total transaction.

This cash advance will also accrue interest on the day of the transaction, which means that it's advisable to clear any credit card balance immediately. While this reality will dissuade some users from using a credit card in order to purchase Bitcoin Cash, it should also be noted that this payment method has several advantages, and can still be used in a fiscally responsible manner.

Bitcoin Cash to Credit Card: Can I Transfer Bitcoin Cash to Credit Card?

It is difficult, if not impossible, to transfer Bitcoin Cash to credit cards, as few credit card companies recognise Bitcoin Cash as a transferable currency.

Credit Card to Bitcoin Cash: Is It Possible to Convert My Credit Card Funds to Bitcoin Cash?

It’s perfectly feasible to convert credit card funds to Bitcoin Cash, although this doesn't quite accurately describe the process. Credit cards offer, as the name would suggest, credit, which means that very few credit card owners will have a positive balance at any time. Rather they will use their creditworthiness in order to purchase Bitcoin Cash tokens. But this should certainly be possible in the overwhelming majority of cases.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Bitcoin Cash is essentially a hard fork of the market-leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin, with new features and rules included in order to speed up the cryptocurrency and its blockchain. Bitcoin Cash can be seen as a peer-to-peer electronic cash system, with an algorithmic approach that offers advantages over the more established Bitcoin.
  2. Probably the most obvious advantage of a credit card over other cryptocurrency payment methods is that they typically come with guarantees and insurances. This ensures that any Bitcoin Cash purchase is absolutely safe when undertaken with a credit card. It is also possible to use credit cards in order to derive consumer benefits, and effectively make a profit from the process. This is an attractive aspect of credit cards that isn't readily available with other payment methods.
  3. Although there is no official data available on the payment methods used for Bitcoin Cash, or indeed other cryptocurrencies, it is widely believed that credit cards will indeed be the most commonly used payment method. Credit cards are very widely used generally online, and with cryptocurrencies being an almost entirely online entity, it is reasonable to assume that credit cards are the most popular payment method.
  4. Bitcoin Cash came into existence when there was a fissure in the Bitcoin community. There was a disagreement at this time regarding the future direction of the Bitcoin project, and this resulted in a splinter group which later produced the hard fork Bitcoin Cash. Supporters of Bitcoin Cash believe that it is an authentic continuation of the original Bitcoin project and that it delivers legitimate peer-to-peer digital cash.
  5. It would certainly be reasonable to describe Bitcoin Cash as valuable, as it has firmly established itself in the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalisation. This represents a huge success in the three years since it was first released. However, it should also be noted that Bitcoin Cash is nowhere near as valuable as Bitcoin. Its advocates believe that Bitcoin Cash will close the gap in the future, but this remains to be seen.
  6. It is generally believed that Bitcoin Cash will increase significantly in value in the years to come, with the cryptocurrency market projected to expand massively in size and scope. Most experts and market observers believe that the long-term price prospect of Bitcoin Cash is promising, but it is difficult to predict precisely how much of the cryptocurrency will increase in the future.
  7. Bitcoin Cash is just one of the many cryptocurrency projects that are emerging, and which can provide a viable alternative to traditional currencies. Bitcoin Cash makes it possible to take full control over your money, making transactions, transfers and payment anywhere in the world, at an incredibly low rate of fees. Bitcoin Cash is also free of any commission or approval from third parties.
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