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Bestbitcoinexchange was started as a blog to give users the best information about bitcoin exchanges. As the cryptocurrency market is still unregulated, there are a lot of cowboys still out there looking to exploit this new niche.

We feel that trading cryptocurrencies are a truly exciting and revolutionary invention, coupled with blockchain technology it really will impact the world for the better. However as we have already highlighted, because it is so new there aren't the rules in place that perhaps should be and this lets fraudsters into the market.

Here at bestbitcoinexchange we scour the market for the best exchanges and review them using our stringent process, looking at fees, security, userability, price and many more variables. We don't just look at what we consider the best exchanges but also some of the most popular and let users know how safe they are.

We are woking on a new process that will rank how safe an exchange is. Right now, it is difficult to judge an exchange on safety because from the outside the criteria is simply - has the exchanged been hacked? Yes or no? Not hacked = safe. Hacked = unsafe. We want to break this down and give the user criteria they should be looking for when deciding which exhcange to use.

With cryptocurrencies becoming more mainstream, brokers are beginning to offer them as CFD's. We therefore must change with the market and is why we are also reviewing brokers who offer bitcoin and other altcoins. Due to the regulation these brokers have, we feel that there is less risk associated to investing in bitcoin through these platforms. 

With more and more exchanges cropping up we have an endless task of trying to review and rate them all, however we feel that the service we offer will help protect users from any harmful platforms and ultimately save them money. Those who would like to get into our exchange ranking table, feel free to get in contact. With an ever growing list to review, we must prioritise which to do first and ultimately the user comes first. Any user requests go to the front of the queue with exchange requests coming behind. However if you don't ask you don't get.

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